Baker Dam Remediation

Baker Dam is a 65-acre reservoir located 17 miles north of St. George, sits at an elevation of 4,800 feet, has an average depth of 20 feet, and is popular with local fishermen. The outlet works were rehabilitated in 2014 after a sinkhole was identified on the crest of the dam. The project included installing a control gate on the upstream end of the outlet works and slip-lining the original concrete conduit with an HDPE pipeline. Design work to increase the spillway capacity to meet current Utah State dam safety standards has been completed. RB&G performed design and construction engineering services for the outlet remediation project and design services for the spillway replacement project.

Services: Geotechnical design, construction oversight, dam safety remediation, new inlet structure and repair of a major sinkhole.

Location: North of St. George, Utah