Construction Engineering

Construction Oversight
Materials Testing
Contract Administration and Preparation
Cost Estimates and Reviews
Field Coordination
Supplemental Services

Materials Testing

Soils, Concrete and Aggregate, Asphalt
QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)
ACI/ICC Inspections (Masonry, Concrete, Fireproofing)
Certified Personnel
Accredited Tests (as granted by AASHTO, and WAQTC)


Site Investigations
Foundation Studies
Geologic Studies
Pavement Design
Embankments, Dams
Liquefaction/Lateral Spread
Slope Stability/Retaining Walls
Dikes and Detention Basins
Materials Investigations and Testing


Design of Dams, Spillways, and Structures
Seismic Hazard Analysis
Safety Assessments
Hydrology and Hydraulics
Emergency Remediation
Emergency Action Planning
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Construction Inspection and Testing
Resident Engineering


Hydrology and Hydraulic Design of Drainage Structures
Geometric Design of Roadways
Materials Investigations and Testing
Pavement Design
Structure Design
Traffic Analysis
Traffic Signing and Control Analysis
Right-of-Way and Easement Documentation
Construction Supervision

Water Resources

Master Plans and Studies
Culinary Water Wells and Springs
Water Distribution and Irrigation Systems
Storm Water Management
Sewage Collection and Treatment Systems
Hydrological Studies
Hydraulic and Storm Drainage Design
Stream Restoration
Scour Analyses, Water Rights
Groundwater Drainage Studies

Municipal & Civil Design

Department Coordination
Development of Budgets
Long-Range Capital Improvement Programs
Engineering Counsel


Phase I Assessments
Phase II Assessments (Limited)