Mapleton Lateral Canal Parkway Trail, Phases 1 and 2

Over 6 miles of a new multi-use, 10- to 14-ft-wide, asphalt trail was construction within the piped Mapleton Lateral Canal corridor. The trail extends from Hobble Creek Canyon Trail in Springville to SR-6 at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Additional trail elements include a 104-ft, 12-ft-wide, pedestrian bridge over Hobble Creek and a 160-ft, 12-ft-wide timber boardwalk over wetlands along 1900 East Street on the approach to Springville.

Services: environmental and right-of-way documents, trail design, survey, stream alteration permit, public involvement, utility protection and relocation, geotechnical design, drainage and SWPPP design, coordination with local and government entities, structural design, PS&E preparation, and construction engineering.

Location: Utah County, Utah