Mountain Dell Bypass Pipeline and Hydropower Facility

Mountain Dell Dam was originally completed in 1917 as a 105-foot high concrete arch dam, and seven years later it was raised by 40 feet to 145 feet. The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities and the associated Parleys’ Water Treatment Plant worked with RB&G Engineering and Alpha Engineering to investigate the feasibility and costs of construction of a bypass pipeline to supply raw water to the treatment plant without passing it through Mountain Dell Reservoir. A second aspect of the project involves an evaluation of the economic feasibility of installation of a small hydroelectric facility on the pipeline immediately upstream of the Parleys’ Water Treatment Plant. The new pipeline connection will also facilitate the rehabilitation of Mountain Dell Dam, allow greater flexibility in water quality delivered to the treatment plant, and allow sediment removal with reduced impact to treatment plant operations. After the pre-design study, RB&G prepared the geotechnical report for the project area.

Location: Salt Lake County, Utah