Provo City Center Temple

The original Provo Tabernacle building was constructed during the 1880s but destroyed by fire in 2011. The tabernacle was a historic icon in the community and was home to many interfaith gatherings, concerts, theatre and musical performances, and cultural events. United States President William H. Taft once spoke in the tabernacle in 1909. The four-alarm fire left only the handmade brick exterior walls standing. RB&G first worked with FFKR Architects to help evaluate the feasibility of restoring the structure. During the historic renovation phase, RB&G joined the Bowen Collins & Associates team as the geotechnical consultant in this restoration and transformation project which included digging out about 38 feet below the existing ground surface (about 15 feet below the water table) and creative construction techniques of placing the structure on stilts which were drilled into the ground 90 feet and filled with concrete. The temple is supported on a mat foundation incorporating micropiles to resist buoyancy. Services provided by RB&G included geotechnical investigations and recommendations, drilling, and seismic studies.

Location: Provo, Utah