Project Description

Construction Engineering

The RB&G Engineering team has performed construction engineering and management services for a wide range of projects for the Utah Department of Transportation and local government clients throughout the Intermountain area for more than 60 years. Our engineers fully understand the construction process. This attribute helps us to communicate more effectively among all parties involved, quickly resolve conflicts if they arise, manage budget issues, and facilitate construction of a higher quality product. Key focuses of our team include safety and quality supported by comprehensive documentation. We understand the importance of documenting all aspects of the work to satisfy reviews of owners, funding entities, and regulatory agencies. In addition to in-house construction engineering, we have supplemented the observation and testing needs of municipalities and counties on their own construction projects. We regularly establish and staff on-site offices and/or laboratories for projects which require on-site materials testing or additional services, with the level of our on-site equipment and services tailored to the unique needs of a given project and client.