Project Description

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering covers a broad range of soil and foundation considerations, and has been a keystone of the services provided by RB&G Engineering since the company’s inception in 1956. Over 8,000 geotechnical investigations have been completed by RB&G. Typical projects have included site investigations, foundation studies, settlement analyses and mitigation recommendations, liquefaction evaluations and mitigation, subgrade stabilization, geotechnical instrumentation, evaluation of potential impacts to existing facilities, roadways and bridges, embankment analyses, retaining wall stability, and design of dams, dikes and detention basins.

RB&G maintains its own drilling crews and equipment, and performs all geotechnical laboratory testing of soils in our AASHTO-certified laboratory. These in-house capabilities allow flexibility and responsiveness in scheduling subsurface investigations, and an enhanced level of care and confidence in all sampling and testing operations.

RB&G has performed geological and geotechnical investigations on a wide variety of projects for earth dams, highways, airports, and public, commercial, industrial and private buildings. Our services cover the full spectrum of geotechnical engineering, typically beginning with planning and execution of subsurface explorations and laboratory analysis of field data and continuing through the preparation of geotechnical reports and furnishing construction-phase services.