Project Description

Municipal Engineering & Civil Site Design

RB&G Engineering has extensive experience in municipal planning, design, and construction management. We have excellent relationships with numerous municipalities, and our broad experience allows us to provide a full range of services for every municipal job. We are experienced in the review of subdivision plats and development plans, preparing and updating standard drawings and specifications, completing City capital improvement project designs, inspecting construction projects, reviewing and recommending bond releases, and providing general engineering expertise relating to a variety of issues.

Many of our projects crossover into multiple general areas of service. Civil Site Design at RB&G often incorporates and includes a wide variety of site design, municipal engineering, and roadway construction and reconstruction projects. Site designs have involved boundary surveys, topographic surveys, site and parking layout, grading, pavement design, drainage and utilities. Site design has been completed for a number of medical facilities, educational buildings, municipal buildings, and commercial developments. In recent years roadway experience has centered on the reconstruction and widening of existing facilities, primarily in urban settings. This work has included traffic studies, identification and relocation of existing utilities, right-of-way determination, traffic signal design, and lighting design.

Our niche on site plans has been developments having long/extensive circulation access roadways, as well as large parking areas coupled with green space and aesthetics requirements. Projects often include improvements involving much multi-discipline, agency, and staff coordination; and frequently public involvement. We understand the necessary sequencing and reviews to make site plan projects having municipal or institutional and approval oversight come together smoothly.